SMT assembling management software

  • Provides the SMT line with better production efficiency and added functions for each package.

External supporting system for „P-Tool“

  • Into the data programing package „P-Tool“ of SMT assembling management software „Y.FacT“, the following functions can be added by optional selection:
  • Gerber image tool/Scanner accuracy correction kit/Auto-teaching & polarity inspection/PLUS kit (several utilities)
  • Combination packing sets are available

Support tool for improvement of the mounting line productivity and reliability

  • Improved productivity and enhanced reliability are assured. At the same time, this new development contributes to reduction of skill requirement and operator attendance requirement and to improvement of quality.

Unveiled new visualization tool to notice and analyze in production line

  • Feedback to the upstream process
  • Feed-forward from the upstream process
  • Mobile terminal pass/Fail function
  • Image verification
  • Mounting accuracy monitoring

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