High-Speed & High-Accuracy Flip Chip Bonder

  • High bonding accuracy and x3 productivity of conventional machines!
    This brings a New Era in Semiconductor packaging for the expanding flip chip market
  • High-Speed 8-die simultaneous pickup & simultaneous transfer achieve 13,000 UPH
  • High-Accuracy ±5μm (3σ)
  • High-Quality & Flexibility

High-speed, high-precision flipchip hybrid placer

  • 4,500 UPH (0.8 sec/unit); the top mounting capability in flipchip bonders
  • +/- 10 µm (3σ) mounting accuracy
  • YWF wafer supply unit „6/8/12 inch“, „expand ring“, and „θ angle correction“ applicable
  • 0.6 × 0.6 mm to 18 × 18 mm components applicable

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